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Glendale FC

Competitive GFC Club Program

Club system for ages 8-17

Our Competitive Teams look to take the next step in their soccer education: positional awareness, situation specific scenarios as well as fine tuning the technical aspects of game learnt in the early stages of development.

League Play

League: Coast Soccer League

This is a Los Angeles and Surrounding County competitive league starting September and ending in December. Teams play 10 to 12 games per season plus League Cup, State or National Cups.


Players will participate in two tournaments and one may be out of town tournament. The coach will schedule tournaments based on the teams’ need. As part of a periodized plan to peak at different times in the pre-season.


Duration: 1.5hrs + 30mins as required

Training topics will become more tactical: looking at decision making and phases
of play.

Number of Sessions: 2 – 3

Techincal Approach

Development of individual capacity within small sided and field position specific games, ball mastery, moves to beat an opponent 1v1. Attacking and Defending as a team.

Playing Time

Playing time is not guaranteed and is based on the teams need. How that player can affect the game to help the team. Playing time is also a reflection of attendance, work rate and level of play during practice.

Registration Fees Cover

• Cal South ID Card
• Training Field Rental
• Coast Soccer League Field Rental
• Coast Soccer League Fees
• League Cup
• Professional Coaching Fees
• Administrative Expenses

Glendale FC Competitive Teams
Glendale FC Competitive Teams