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GFC Elite Teams

Level 4 – Elite Teams Flight 1 Program
(Future Player Development Academy)

Elite level (Flight 1) teams consist of teams playing within Coast Soccer League or Higher. The Elite team program is for teams competing within the highest tier of play in the State. These players must have a very high level of commitment to the game on and off the field.

Glendale FC Elite teams

League Play

League: Coast Soccer League

This is a Los Angeles and Surrounding County competitive league starting September and ending in December. Teams play 10 to 12 games per season plus State or National Cups. The players’ coach will schedule scrimmages on the pre-prescribed periodized training plan.


Players will play a minimum of 2 tournaments per season, and will participate in State or National Cup. The coach will schedule tournaments based on the teams need. Providing a schedule that will allow the team to peak at the right time of the season.


Duration: 1.5hrs + 30mins as required

Training focuses on tactical elements. Decision making and phases of play. Players will also be educated on diet for soccer and periodized fitness program.

Number of Sessions: 3 + 1

Techincal Approach

Offensive and Defensive tactical concepts. With a strong emphasis on possession passing, accuracy, on fluid movement from defense to attack.

Playing Time

Playing time is not guaranteed and is based on the teams need. How that player can affect the game to help the team win. Playing time is also a reflection of attendance, work rate and level of play at practice.

Registration Fees Cover

• Cal South ID Card
• Training Field Rental
• Coast Soccer League Field Rental
• Coast Soccer League Fees
• League Cup
• Professional Coaching Fees
• Administrative Expenses