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GFC Pre Club

The developmental teams are geared towards ages 5 – 7 year old.
These teams focus on skill development and creating a love of the game.
Players play in a more competitive environment against other clubs from within the area.
This is to expose each player to a higher level of play and the focus is never on the score but the improvements made on the field.

The goal of the program is to develop each individual player and give them skill foundation which to build there play within a developmentally appropriate environment.

League Play

Teams will play in the local league or have friendly scrimmages on Saturdays.


Number of Sessions: 2 Sessions


1hr – 1.5hrs

Techincal Approach

The main focus is still on Individual skills, passing, receiving, dribbling technical play, in a problem-solving environment, with a slight shift to learning about positional play heading and finishing.


Playing Time

Within the development team program, coaches will strive to give each player 50% playing time. This is at the coach’s discretion and will not be monitored.

Glendale FC Pre Club
Glendale FC Pre Club